The Most Popular Design Style in Every State, According to a New Report

It’s no secret that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has culminated in a rise of home renovation and design projects in quarantine. With cottagecorecabincore, and grandmillennial now in the vernacular of design enthusiasts everywhere, Joybird recently looked into some of the top interior design styles across the country. More specifically, the home decor brand looked into the most popular interior design styles by state to get a sense of how different regions have been sprucing up their homes. Additionally, Joybird also determined the top five styles that dominated the U.S.

The results? Modern farmhouse came out as the top interior design style in the U.S., followed closely by industrial, cottagecore, French country, and mid-century modern. To determine the findings, Joybird analyzed Google Trends data over the past twelve months using the search volume for over 20 of the biggest design styles in each state. Other recurrent design styles that made the list include Scandinavian, Japanese zen, bohemian, art deco, and shabby chic.

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 10.14.19 AM.png

According to Joybird’s findings, the modern farmhouse trend came in big in western and heartland states, such as South Dakota, Arkansas, Montana, and Idaho. Industrial, on the other hand, emerged as a winner in states like Alabama, Iowa, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Nevada. In terms of Cottagecore, Hawaii, Alaska, Vermont, and North Dakota showed an affinity for that countryside aesthetic, while French country reigned supreme in New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Elsewhere, mid-century modern emerged as a favorite in Delaware, Michigan, Nebraska, and Utah.

Some less recurrent but noteworthy design styles that also made the list include Hollywood Regency (California), minimalist (New York), Moroccan (Massachusetts), and coastal (South Carolina). Check out a more comprehensive breakdown of the design style preferences with Joybird’s trusty design map above.

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